Sightsinging Program

Are you looking for a Sightsinging program that is...
  • Systematic and sequential?
  • Based upon criteria established for the Texas Sightreading Contest?
  • Provides sufficient exercises to prepare a middle school choir for sightreading contest?
  • High school students can use to prepare for All-State auditions?
  • College students can use to improve their individual sightreading skills? 

    by Patti DeWitt may be the answer to your professional prayers.
    • Written by a composer of many Texas Sightreading pieces
    • Begins scalewise, teaches intervals sequentially and individually
    • Theoretically sound
    • Appropriate voice leadings and cadences
    • Logical resolutions
    • Exercises and literature which read well melodically
    • Regular 4-measure phrases
    • Repetition of phrases and motives
    • Appropriate vocal ranges
    • Emphasizes keys of F, C and G for young choirs
    • Sufficient excercises for mastery of each concept